1 what are your thoughts about the passage and 2 is it ethical to refuse care to transgender and gender variant persons who are transitioning why or why not – exclusivewritings.com

Discuss affirmative care for gender diverse people. To participate in the discussion, read the New York Times article “My Vagina Won’t Make Me Happy,”(see link under assigned readings) and respond to the following questions based on the prompt provided below:

1)What are your thoughts about the passage? and 2) is it ethical to refuse care to transgender and gender-variant persons who are transitioning? Why or why not?

In the article author, Andrea Long Chu includes a passage from the book “When Harry became Sally”:

“We must avoid adding to the pain experienced by people with gender dysphoria, while we present them with alternatives to transitioning. In this view, it is not only fair to refuse trans people the care they seek; it is also kind. A therapist with a suicidal client does not draw the bath and supply the razor. Take it from my father, a pediatrician, who once remarked to me that he would no sooner prescribe puberty blockers to a gender dysphoric child than he would give a distemper shot to someone who believed she was a dog.”