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I have worked on most parts of the 10 strategic points, only the parts that are marked in red need to be addressed, that is the Literature review which is number 2  and instruments which is number 9The 2nd part of this assignment is to prepare a rough draft of the prospectus, you will use the material from the 10 strategic points and he notes to fill out as much as you can on the prospectus sheet. Mark all your work and changes you make with green highlight so I can easily go find them. If you cite anything kindly provide a reference. In the notes I have cited some work as well, don’t worry about those, I will attach the references when you return the work.Note that this is not the final draft, not every part has to be filled out and it does not have to be perfect .However, it needs to provide the essential detail.Ask me any questions before you start.Needs to be completed by 3/18/2020 at 9.00pm Eastern Time (New York Time)

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