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requires two textbooks to finish the paper

Child Welfare and Child Protection (First Edition)

Book by Austin Griffiths and David Royse

Rising Above the Scars

Book by Johnnetta McSwain

Paper Must be 10 pages or more, typed, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 font, APA format to include title and reference page. You should use the book, textbook, and peer reviewed journal articles only to support your book review content.


I. Introduction/Overview of book

II. Child Maltreatment & Juvenile Delinquency: Identify the types of child maltreatment and what you think cause them in the story. What juvenile defenses did the character (s) take part in and why? Does the character fit into a Special Population category? If so, how?

III. The Case: Was the investigation(s) handle properly? Why or why not? What type of ongoing services and permanency were put in place for the character? Were these services appropriate, sufficient, or not for the children involved in the story? Discuss the permanency plan of the children and whether you believe is was adequate or inadequate. What roles of a Child Protection Team did you see workers play in the book?

IV. Create a Comprehensive Family Assessment about the children and their family. Use the following link as an example of a CFA: https://training.cfsrportal.acf.hhs.gov/section-2-understanding-child-welfare-system/3026

This assessment should include a family genogram as well.

IV. Interventions and Treatment recommendations: Create a risk assessment by choosing one of the tools in Table 7.1 on page 124 of your textbook. Then discuss possible interventions and treatments that could assist the children and other family members. Review the 12 Steps Self-Awareness Model you have been assigned and discuss how you would implement this with as a future social worker with abused children or adult surviviors of abuse (see below assignments). Give an overview of the purpose of the 12 Steps Self-Awareness Model and for your assigned chapter discuss how this can help clients recover from traumatic situations: C. Columan-Step One; R. Ellis- Step 2; B. Fisher- Step 3, D. Hubbard- Step 4; S. Joseph- Step 5; R. Ramzey- Step 6; R. Steward- Step 7; M. Washington- Step 8; N. Williams-Step 9.

V. Future Social Worker: As a future social worker, reflect on your thoughts about the character’s story, what are your views about foster care?; how would you manage self-care with a case like this? Discuss how primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention could have assisted in this case.

VI. Conclusion– summarize the meaning of Barack Obama’s quote based on your reading and understanding of the book and course work.