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Each essay must be a minimum of 275-300 words. Note: The essays must be answered in paragraphs. I am gonna upload three articles. These questions is related to those articles.

1)Compare and contrast the events that took place in the articles, “Fighting Everything German in Texas, 1917-1919,” and “The Houston Mutiny and Riot of 1917,” discuss how and why this kind of persecution takes place in a country that prides itself on its diversity. This question is taken from the article, “Jim Crow Fighting Everything German in Texas, 1917-1919.”

2)Explain how workers at Houston’s Hughes Tool Company exploited the Wagner Act and the CIO in their quest for economic and racial justice. This question is taken from the article, “Jim Crow Wearing Steel-Toed Shoes and Safety Glasses: Dual Unionism at the Hughes Tool Company, 1918-1942.”