2 part assignment 30 – exclusivewritings.com

1) Three things that piss you off and ought to be changed and how and why – these are 3 mini-columns, about a paragraph each with an individual headline for each one, and any topic – ex-significant others, crazy roommates, neighbors, etc. – are fair game. Feel free to get your mad on. Each mini-column can be about 150 words typewritten double spaced (no more than 250 words each paragraph). headline does not count into the word requirement.

2) Three things that are changing the world and how and why, a paragraph on each one with mini-headlines. This could be a website, trend, invention, app, place to visit on the internet, person, etc.. Also roughly 150 words each…don’t forget individual headlines for each one! Don’t do climate change or Trump or Corona unless you can show us how this might affect you personally.