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1.) Discuss the role religion played in establishing and maintaining American identity during the period from the 1870’s through the 1930’s. Overall, was religion an integral component of the American identity? Why or why not? Why did Christianity experience a resurgence in this period? Who were the key thinkers and what were the issues they raised? How did they envision the role Christianity in America? Go into depth and incorporate at least 2 primary sources


Significance of the Great Awakening

The Second Great Awakening

Michael Gerson, The Last Temptation (outstanding history of Evangelical Christianity, including its support for Donald Trump)

2.) The 20th century introduced a new element to the American identity: a more pronounced role for the Federal Government in everyday lives. Why did this happen? What were the aims of “The New Deal” (1930’s) and “The Great Society” (1960’s)? Who were the architects of these Social Welfare Programs? How did they envision the role of the Federal Government in these aims? What were the critiques from both their supporters and their detractors? Overall, what did these programs succeed in doing and what did they fail to accomplish? Go into depth and incorporate at least 2 primary sources.


The Great Depression and the New Deal

“What Was Really Great About the Great Society?”

“The Two Wars Against Poverty: Economic Growth and the Great Society”

***Cite everything in detail, in-text citations are required****😀