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Please read Chapter 9 of the textbook: “Transition from Party-Dominant Regimes: Mexico and Venezuela.”

– Please watch the documentary: “The Revolution Will not be Televised/Chavez/Inside the Coup (Links to an external site.)

– Or you may also watch the documentary film: “1994: Power, Rebellion, and Crime in Mexico,” available on Netflix.

– Please reflect on the reading and the documentary film, write a 150-200-words commentary and respond to one post by your classmates.

So as you dont have the book i do not espect you to write something about it . Also you can not watch the movie however could you please check the summary for the movie on internet? I will also share my friends’s posts so you can read their comments about the book. so review of the film and my friends’s posts would be enough to give you an idea to write 200 words i guess. also you have to write an answer to one of my friend’s post that im gonna send to you. 50 words enough.