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An explication is a “close reading” or detailed analysis of a text.Choose one of the major authors we have read so far—Gilpin, Polanyi, Marx and Engels, and Naomi Klein—whom you think best helps you to understand the current Covid-19 crisis and its relation to the global economy. Writing a clearly-argued essay, explain why your chosen thinker best helps us understand the relationship between crisis, politics, and economic life. In your essay, you should explain the main argument of the text and critically analyze its relevance for understanding how and why Covid-19 has been a force for upending and disrupting the forces of global capitalism. Your assignment is to write a well-integrated essay that makes an argument of your own. Your analysis should not primarily paraphrase the author’s arguments, nor should you paste together several different interpretations and expect them to cohere. You should aim instead to demonstrate your ability to offer a careful textual analysis that shows how you interpret a theoretical argument.