4 page paper for my multiculturalism class – exclusivewritings.com

White Identity, Affirmative Action, and Color-Blind Ideology

1. What, according to Dr. Tatum, leads some middle to low income Whites to believe that they’re being left behind economically?

2. What is Affirmative Action, as described by Dr. Tatum? Which group do you think benefits most from Affirmative Action? What bias does Tatum argue impedes an otherwise fair job selection process?

3. What’s ‘aversive racism’? How is it related to implicit bias? Give an example.

4. What is color-blind racial ideology, (how is it defined?) and why is it problematic?

These are the questions that have to be answered in this paper. I have attached the required reading and the template on how the paper should look like and the requirements needed in the paper