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Unit 10-Research on vaccination

For this assignment,you will gather more information about vaccination.You must include the following:

A. Background Information

1.Brief history of vaccination,including a timeline.

2. What is vaccination?How does it work?

3.What are the advantages/disadvantages of vaccination?

4.Examples(at least 5)of vaccines used to protect against viruses and bacteria.

5.One disease from the list below for which you will provide the following information:

a. Name and type of pathogen(bacteria,virus…).

b. Which age groups mostly affected and symptoms of disease.

c. Number of cases before and after vaccination started(including a graph).

d.Type of vaccine used(how is it made)and when it is given.

B. Vaccination for specific disease

The disease you need to wrote is Measles

C. Opinion

Finally,you will need to provide your opinion on the use of vaccines.You will not be

assessed on your opinion,only on the evidence/facts you provide to support it.In other

words,whether you are for or against the use of vaccination is not important here.

However,you have to support your opinion with factual,relevant information,not gut

feelings and rumours,

Your score will be based on 4 components each worth 25%of the total,that is,sections A,B

and C,and overall quality of your work(neatness,clarity,etc.).Total score:80 marks