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Topic: “A popular destination” While on vacation in an exclusive hotel resort in Mexico, you found out that they are looking for bilingual university students to work next summer on location. Besides a decent salary, students hired will also get a free week stay in the resort. This immediately appeals to you, but you want your friend to apply with you. Write him/her describing the resort, the activities they offer, the type of customers staying at the resort, the weather, etc. Although you are excited about the possibility to work in this resort next summer, you may also include things you dislike. Also, don’t forget to mention how you will get to the resort, and what places you can visit in your free week, including information about shopping. In a short paragraph, give your friend as much information as possible about the job (description, where to find the application, etc). Be creative. In the introduction, explain how you ended up in an exclusive hotel resort, how long you have been there, and with whom. D To create a strong composition, organize your ideas, use your creativity, and incorporate the vocabulary and grammatical structures o Describe the resort, activities it offers, surrounding, weather, type of customer o Describe the summer job o Show an understanding of Mexican geography, history, and culture-­‐ choose a real place o Use all tenses cover so far: Present tense, present progressive, and simple future tense o Things and activities that you like or dislike –(likes and dislikes)