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A successful journal entry will:

-Be three to five pages in length. Write more rather than less. Dig into the content and engage in deep thinking.

-Answer all the sub-questions and/or activities included within the prompt question.

-Utilize course content – concepts and theories. Use bold type for the terms. Define the term in your own words to demonstrate your understanding of the meaning. This definition should be placed within ( ). Focus on using a minimum of three to five terms per entry.

-Provide specific examples of your own communication. Develop these examples with sufficient detail to make them vivid and concrete.

-Include the specific question/activity on the top of each entry.

-If an activity (in the textbook) is to be completed, include all your answers for that activity in your journal.

-If questions are included with an activity, be sure to write a thoughtful and developed reflection from the question prompts.

Ch#10 Skill Practice: 10.3 Identifying Heuristic Triggers p. 312-313, and 10.4 Creating Persuasive Messages p. 313. Write your answers for both assignments. After completing the assignments, write a reflection on these questions: How does understanding heuristics make you a more competent communicator? When have you used heuristics to persuade others? When have other people used heuristics on you?

Are you a competent persuader? Are you assertive? What communication strategies do you use? What content have you learned in this course will help you be more assertive and more successful in influencing others?


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