accounting information assignment ais 1 –

essay type question (compulsory). essay should include examples where appropriate to support your answer

3000 words(+/-10%)

must answer all question. essay should include examples where appropriate to support your answers.

question no:1

discuss what an accounting information system (AIS) is. explain its components, and the different business functions it fulfills.

question no:2

explain the five (5) trust services principles for system reliability and provide an illustration and explanation of their relationship

question no:3

explain enterprise resource planning systems and give four advantages and four disadvantages of an enterprise resource planning system

question no:4

explain computer fraud. identify and explain computer fraud classifications giving one example for each

question no:5

give and explain at least (5) automated data entry controls used for reasonableness and property of source documents, give one (1 ) example for each.

a. answer each question based on the concepts discussed in Accounting information systems, you can add additional concept as long as it is within the managing information discipline, if necessary back up your answers when necessary

b. use Harvard referencing style and write the references at the last page of the paper

c. font: times new roman

d. use single spacing and sufficient margins (3-4cm)

e.all pages should be numbered

f. prefer to use accounting information systems textbook (14th edition)

g. use a simple English language and grammar. don’t use very advanced grammar or very low