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Researchers were interested in the possible effect of students studying from electronic versions of course material on test scores for an introductory psychology class. The general population average for final exam score in the psychology class is µ = 77 with standard deviation of σ = 8.

From a sample of n = 16 students who used tablets to study material for their psych class, the average final exam score was M = 72.

  1. Calculate the standard error σM for the sampling distribution of means for this sample (to be used in the Z formula).
  2. Compute the test statistic Z
  3. Using a two-tailed test, at α = .05, make a decision about the null hypothesis H0
  4. Write a statement addressing the effect of using tablets on student test grades (be sure to mention if it is significant or not)
  5. Calculate the effect size using Cohen’s d and addresses whether the effect is small, medium, or large.