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Search reputable newspapers from the past three years (2020-2017) for coverage of archaeology in the United States. Reputable newspapers are not online blogs, magazines or Buzzfeed. Examples of acceptable newspapers: The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Baltimore Sun, The Richmond Times Dispatch, etc. Select an article and provide an annotation about the archaeological site and research. Annotations should be at least a paragraph, possibly two. Key questions / topics to overview: • Where is the archaeological site? • To what time period does the archaeological site date? • Describe the findings • What kinds of people are represented by the archaeological site? • Does the article describe any specific research methods, such as water screening or C-14 dating? • Who are the researchers? Are they affiliated with a university or private firm? • What are the interpretations of the researchers? Three articles are required to receive full credit. Imbed the link or citation for the article in the assignment.