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Q-Civil justice is a way for parties to achieve satisfaction when they’ve been harmed due to another person’s negligence, recklessness, or malpractice. Traditionally, this has been done by going to court and suing for money damages, thus allowing the harmed party (plaintiff) to hold the harming party (defendant) responsible for their actions if a judge or jury finds them liable.As the two articles above demonstrate, however, this is becoming rarer and more difficult as arbitration clauses rapidly proliferate.Companies argue that the insertion of such clauses is simply a way of streamlining justice, making it more efficient for all.Aggrieved parties and consumer watchdog groups, however, maintain that this is nothing less than a concerted effort by corporations to avoid responsibility for their actions and to deprive “Americans of one of their most fundamental constitutional rights: their day in court.”After reading the New York Times findings, and considering the case of Jamie Leigh Jones (Hot Coffee), where do you stand on this issue?