assignments 83 –

1 Watch the video Revolutionizing the Way We Grow Food.

Note Caleb Harper’s solutions for growing enough food to feed the world’s increasing population.

  • In at least a well-written paragraph, evaluate the feasibility of Mr. Harper’s solutions.

2 Read A Five-Step Plan to Feed the World by National Geographic.

  • Write pro or con response to the five-step plan for feeding a world of 9 billion people. Convince me you read it!

3 Create a Future Wheel

  • Using the information from Consequence Wheel/Future Wheel reference, construct a future wheel. It is important to remember that this forecasting technique follows an “if, then” format. “If” this event occurs, “then” this is the result. For example, “if” the population reaches 9 billion by 2050, “then” food shortages will occur. OR, “if” new food production technologies are invented, “then” food shortages will be alleviated. It is possible that both scenarios are included in one future wheel as a result of brainstorming consequences.
  • The topic/issue is “9 Billion Mouths to Feed in 2050” for the center of your future wheels.
  • Draw your future wheel (or use Google Draw). Make sure it is legible!