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So far we have learned some descriptive analytics (Ch. 2, 3) and predictive analytics (Ch. 7, 8). Monte Carlo simulation (Ch. 11) can be used for both predictive analytics (predicting what will happen) and prescriptive analytics (choosing the best decision). We will now go fully into the prescriptive analytics with linear programming in Ch. 11. The chapter gives examples of formulating models and solving them. This week we focus on formulation and next week we will build and solve the models in Excel. Study the formulation parts of the problems in Chapter 11 as a supplement to the video lectures.

Please do the following.

1. Download and print the Powerpoint (LP OVerview Handout) for the overview and the Word file (LP Handout 1 – Formulation) with examples that the videos go over. View the first 2 lecture videos covering overview and the first example. Then before going on to other examples, do the exercise on p. 4 in the LP Handout1 Word file. You can check the answer on p. 5.

2. View the remaining 4 videos while taking notes on the handout you printed.

3. Do LP1 homework. This file has the list of 6 problems to formulate and the explanation of the quiz. Please read the instructions carefully. Do not submit this homework. You can check the attached solutions to check your understanding. Please make sure to do the homework yourself before checking the solutions.

4. Answer the quiz. This requires you to type answers, which will be graded manually.