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YOU only need to finish the STEP 3 (1-10).

We choose the company is THE HOME DEPOT


1. Students must put their name next to the question answers that they wrote. If more than one student wrote the answer to a given question, put both student names. There are points assigned individually and as a group.

2. Include a title page with your names, etc. This title page should include “Compiled by” and the name of the person in charge of putting the document together.

3. Having graded many of these projects, I can safely say that it is not possible to answer the questions thoroughly in fewer than 30 pages. Please limit the pages to no more than 50 double spaced, size 12 font, etc.

4. In the file that you upload, I want to see the question in bold and the answer beneath it.


1. Provide a brief history of the company. (Student Name Here)

Your answer here…..

2. List the top management of the firm and note what experience and leadership skills the executives bring to the firm. If it is a larger conglomerate, list both the corporate and business managers. (Student Name Here)

Your answer here…..