business information systems 37 –

Case Study 12-1 Reflection: Refer to the short response you posted to the Open Discussion Board at the beginning of this module.

Requirements: What do I post?

Now, develop that short you posted in the Open Discussion into one that includes the information you’ve learned while working in this module. In this post, relate decision-making to your respective field of study. Don’t worry, you’ll also have an opportunity to respond to two classmates once you’ve posted.

  • Answer: Why is it important to understand DSS and AI as part of the business?
    • Post a narrative summary/answer (no more than 500 words) to this Discussion board
      • This narrative is an expansion of your Open Discussion post
      • Respond to at least 2 other classmates.

Use APA style for any citations. You should NOT copy and paste. You should summarize the cited definition- as a college student you don’t and should NOT need to directly quote but instead indirectly summarize what the definition is. As a College student, you should avoid using dictionary definitions.