business law part corp 1 –

  • Pick a publicly traded company
  • Go to that company’s website and locate the investor relations (or similarly named) page.
  • Provide me links to their most recent:
    • 10-K
    • Proxy Statement
    • Code of Ethics (may be called a Code of Conduct or something similar)
  • Provide me with the following data points
    • The name of the Chairman of the Board of Directors
    • The name of the Chief Executive Officer
    • The name of the company’s independent accounting firm or auditor.
    • The net sales and the earnings per share for the most recently completed year.
    • The number of directors elected at the most recent annual shareholder’s meeting.
    • The names of the committees of that company’s Board of Directors.
    • A breakdown and summary of the total compensation paid to the Company’s CEO in the prior year.
    • The date of the annual shareholder’s meeting.