capstone assignments 1 –

Hey there,

These assignments is based on the Teamwork on the Capstone program.

This is 2 parts assignments:

1-Peer Evaluation

Please complete the attached Peer Evaluation form that available in the attachment. Be sure to complete a peer review on yourself as well as each fellow team member. Notice the spreadsheet has 5 tabs: 1 for you to evaluate yourself and a tab for you to evaluate each of your 4 teammates. You must complete the peer evaluation. The additional comments are as valuable as the numeric ratings.

*** The Peer Evals are confidential. No one will see the results except me. The gradebook will reflect a score based on peer evals combined with professor eval. Your peers will not know the score you gave them. ***

2-Teamwork Essay

Prepare the Teamwork essay; 2 pages, 12 inches font, double-spaced, Times new Roman, , 1 inch margin.

Questions to consider as you prepare your essay:

        • What did you learn about teamwork in general?
        • About dealing with different styles?
        • About managing peers? About accountability? About dealing with low performers? About delegation/dividing-up work?
        • What would you do different next time?

Please make sure to deliver an original and high quality work, as the paper is going to be checked by Turnitin website for plagiarism.