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Subject of the paper: Consumer Behavior

Requirement: You will find the case study Advert Co. at the end of this study guide. There will be an opportunity to interpret data, perform basic analyses and apply consumer behaviour theory to practical problems and current issues.

Other information: The following are the three questions which can also be found in the attached document:

Question 1 (10 points – 400 words)

Using the Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) as your framework, analyse why Anisa’s “feel good” property booking advertisement had little impact on consumers’ attitudes. Discuss how elaboration has an impact on attitudes and what Anisa should have done differently to effect longer-term attitude change for the advertised company.

Question 2 (10 points – 400 words)

Anisa gets results from the survey of her “feel good” property booking advertisement. She finds that there are key differences between how consumers responded to the “feel good” property booking advertisement versus the brand’s long-running previous campaign, the “functional” property booking advertisement. Analyse the data by calculating means and standard deviations. Next, using your results, identify:

(1) Which ad the consumers preferred?
(2) Which ad had the biggest impact on consumer attitudes toward the brand?
(3) Which ad had the biggest impact on willingness to buy from the brand?
(4) Identify with reasoning what type of advertising (“functional” or “feel good”) Anisa should recommend for Bookabach’s next property booking campaign?

Question 3 (10 points – 400 words)

(a) What steps do consumers normally follow when they are making a decision?

(b) Henry made some important decisions as he decided where to place an advertisement for a new mobile phone. Describe the consumers who form his target market. Explain how Henry’s target audience might have come across an advertisement as part of their daily activities and customer journey. Provide evidence for your answer.


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