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Reflection Report

There are definitely some interesting challenges to how we present ourselves online–especially nowadays when mediated communication is our primary mode while we shelter-in-place. In face-to-face interactions, there are lots of communicative cues that people can pay attention to. However, in online interactions, the amount of communication we communicate is more controlled. We tend to selectively self-present in order to manage the impressions of ourselves.

In some ways, online communication gives us flexibility to craft ourselves and put a particular self/face out there.

REFLECT on the following (and then scroll down to see what you will write and SUBMIT)

1. How do you want to be seen online?

That is, how would you answer this question:

I want to be seen as _____________________________ (What adjectives would you use here).

2. Compare your description to one online platform where you post most frequently. Review your online profile and/or communication messages, and at least 8-10 of your most recent photos, posts, and/or messages and think about the following: Does how you want to be seen vs. what you post match? Have you ever distorted your self-presentation online to make yourself appear more attractive or appealing? What were (if any) the consequences—for yourself or others—of creating this online mask?

(Consider revising or deleting content that doesn’t match your desired face).


After you have completed this reflective exercise, submit the following to me for your reflection report (Typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, and 1 inch margins, approximately 1-2 pages).

1. Complete this statement:

I want (desire) to be seen as _____________________________ (What adjectives would you use here).

2. Write a brief summary (suggested word count of 200-300 words) of what you found out about your online presentation and impression management (just a description is fine, you don’t have to share any photos with me if you don’t want to). Include in your summary your answers to these questions:

-Does how you want to be seen vs. what you post match? Why/Why not?

-If you have distorted your online presentation, do you think there are any relational consequences (for yourself or others) of creating/maintaining this online mask?

-What would you need to do to in the future to present yourself in a ways that might mesh with your desired presenting self/face (i.e as a means of identity/impression management)?

Report: Due Sunday, April 26 by 11pm.

You will submit this as a .doc, .docx, .rtf or .pdf file that you will upload. Please use 1-inch margins, 12 point font and double-spaced. Approximately 1 page.


This assignment is worth 10 points.


experiment 5 report calorimetry amp thermochemical measurements – exclusivewritings.com

Attached is my data for the lab. Formatting is included beow.

Just in case, here is the link to the live zoom session that the professor recorded: https://cccconfer.zoom.us/rec/share/2tdNMbzC80ZJZI…

How to format your lab 5 report

Reminder: include your student data letter and submit a pdf file.

Use same format as for lab report 3.

Index the following to your report:

Part I:

a) Include the excel graph used to determine final temperature.

b) Include a table showing the calorimeter constant

Part II:

a) Include the excel graph used to determine final temperature.

b) Include a table showing

The exp specific heats determined for copper and aluminum

The theoretical specific heats of copper and aluminum

The % error for specific heats of copper and aluminum

Part III:

a) Include the excel graph used to determine final temperature.

b) Include a table showing

The experimental â–³H neutralization

The theoretical â–³H neutralization

% error

Limiting reagent


Important correction on how to GRAPH discussion during recording

The lab procedure and my recordings directs to measure the temperature of cold water for 4 min and to include that in each of the graph.

The data that I sent you only has one averaged initial temperature for cold water so you do not need and can not graph that at any point.

So all graphs are simple and have one series of data and not 2 , with the y= temperature of mixture and the x= time from 1 to 5 minutes.

The trendline is linear and the equation will provide the Tfinal for mixture.


read the requirements and student sample then answer the question 1 – exclusivewritings.com

first of all, read the article.



these two articles that are support the Health plan.

second, read the article



these two articles are method that how to bring up an opinion




these two articles that are opposed to workplace wellness programs.

the requirement detail and student sample i will drop the file.


answer to this discussion prompt and then i ll send 2 comments from my peers we should write replies to that comments – exclusivewritings.com

Microbial Classification, Metabolism, Growth and Nutrition

Compare and contrast aerobic respiration, anaerobic respiration, and fermentation.


please answer this discussion 8 – exclusivewritings.com

Choose three code sections from page 639 in your textbook. Using the Code of Professional Conduct, research your chosen code sections and provide a one page discussion.

Searchable tool




Points will be deducted for poor grammar and misspelled words.


attaching the paper i need answer for those 10 choose the correct answers – exclusivewritings.com

Attaching the paper i need answer for those and attaching the material and need 10 choose the correct answers


observations and benefits to virtualization – exclusivewritings.com

Having previously used virtualization tools, such as VMware, VirtualBox, HyperV, or others. Share your experiences. What are your observations? How do you think virtualization might be beneficial?


informatics 21 – exclusivewritings.com

Discuss ways that nursing informatics could be applied to all areas of professional nursing practice, including clinical practice, administration, education, and research. Provide examples of each. What do you see as the biggest significance of nursing informatics, and why?

Scholary APA format in text citation.


support for healthcare for all 1 – exclusivewritings.com

this is like 8 slides powepoint, but should be very specific!

For this assignment, you are required to create an Infographic or PowerPoint presentation based on your Argumentative Research Paper (In Support of Healthcare for All).

Your presentation should include the following;

  • A title slide or block that includes the presentation title, your name, the course name, instructor’s name, and the date.
  • An introductory slide or block that contains a clear thesis statement.
  • At least 3 argument slides or blocks that highlight your argument and its supporting evidence from a variety of resources
  • At least 1 of the following for each slide or block: chart, graph, or image with substantive text/data in the infographic that support the writer’s claims
  • A counter argument slide or block that identifies and engages the opposing claim(s)
  • A reference slide or block with your sources correctly cited using APA style

Please remember to include the following:

Remember you are required to provide the following in your Presentation.

  • A clearly stated thesis.
  • At least three reasons that support of the claim
  • Identify and engage the opposing claim(s)
  • Credible sources which illustrate support for assertions
  • At least 1 image on each slide or block that supports the writer’s claims
  • Both internal (parenthetical/in-text) citations and a references block

You may want to take a look at the attached document so that you can have an idea of where to start.


fin 301 capital budgeting assignment – exclusivewritings.com

Need to write and analyse capital budgeting.
calculating IRR , PI and NPV
Writing a memo