cause and effect 21 –


What factors cause immigrants to leave their home countries?


Answer the question entirely.

Use 1 sources from the textbook and 2 from outside research in your essay – synthesize the information. You should have 3 sources total.

You need to include a total of 4 citations: 1 quote and 3 paraphrases in the body paragraphs. Include parenthetical citations.

You need to include the references at the end of your essay.

You need to synthesize your sources.

Length: Five (5) paragraphs (introduction, body, and conclusion) – Paper length should be between 650 – 750 words

Use APA formatting and citations

Include an attention-getting introduction with a clear thesis statement, three body paragraphs with clear topic sentences that focus on causes or focus on effects, and a conclusion that ends with a powerful final thought.

Textbook: MC3 pp. 84 – 88: MC3 pp. 84 – 96.pdf


Textbook Source: Pakenham, K. J., McEntire, J., & Williams, J. (2013c). The meeting of cultures. In Making connections 3 (3rd ed.) (pp. 89-92). New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.

You need to do this outline: WT2 Outline A Cause Focus.docx