communication 598 storytelling in interaction 11 –

I choice doing paper. more information see Final project s20 files.

Revised for online context.

(Presentations on your final project will be made during Weeks 14 and 15. See separate guide)

For your final project, you have the choice of doing a 6-8 page paper (not including the segments of transcript), or a 6-8 minute video (e.g., use of powerpoint w/voiceover + video of interaction incorporated into the video)
. You will use Analysis 1 as a basis for the final project, but you will also expand on it with themes from the latter part of the semester, especially Weeks 8-14. You may use the data you’ve already collected,
or collect new data (e.g., make a new videotape or choose a naturally occurring interaction from Youtube, such as a talk show interview or police interrogation.) You should also use the opportunity to provide a
revised transcript if you got feedback on Analysis 1 that said there were problems with your transcript. I will be paying attention to improvements in your transcripts. Also include the complete transcript at the end of your assignment ……………..

more information see Final project s20 files.