community policing research essay –

Outline of the assessment

You are required to research a police force in either Europe or the United States of America, and review their community policing strategy and operation. You are to produce a written essay of no less than 1500 and no more than 2000 words.

The structure of the essay must have a:

· Title

· An introduction

· Main body of information

· A conclusion.

In that essay you must;

1. Give a clear explanation of how their community policing strategy operates (how do they engage with their communities; do they use social media etc.)

2. Clearly state the police force you are researching and give details of its location and size (this is an academic essay, so do not use photos, graphs or diagrams – only words)

3. Outline what partnership arrangements their community police have developed

4. Discuss what area of their community policing is successful and has achieved good results

(The word count will include title, heading, body & conclusion – but excludes the references at the end).

Thank you