complete 2 page health system essya williams –

For this assignment, please read the following blog post:

Use this template to complete the following:

  • On page 1 of your paper, you will explain, in your own words, what a health information system is to your coworker.
  • On page 2 of your paper, please provide an example of how a health information system was used during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Think about how information was shared with the public and how the information was obtained.
    • Provide a real-life example to your coworker that will help him or her understand what a health information system looks like in real life.

This assignment should be 2 pages in length and should be double-spaced. Please see the enclosed rubric and template to help guide you in your writing. A rubric is similar to a road map. It helps you to hit the key points of the assignment.