complete short statistics quiz apu –

Assignment Instructions

This assignment involves 2 or 3 steps depending on your test score:

Step 1: Take Test 6 in Tests&Quizzes tab

Step 2: Write a brief “review” of the test. Examples might be: “I thought this was a fair test of the material” or “I thought this was much harder than the homework” or “We never covered the material on questions 5 and 6”

Step 3: Scoring

Your test score will not be your score for this assignment. Your score on the test critique will be based on how well your write up is written and how much detail and information you include in your summary. This is a separate score than your test score. Make sure your write up provides plenty of detail in order to get any many points as possible. The Test Critique grade can help improve your overall grade in the course.

If you got 100% on the test, that’s all you need to do.

If you did NOT get 100% on the test, review your test and then write a detailed analysis of your mistakes.


#5 – I made sign mistakes. I need to review the rules for working with signed numbers.

#10 – careless mistake – I added wrong

#15 – My answer looks exactly like the correct answer but I didn’t get credit – can you check this?

#20 – I don’t understand how to calculate the residual.

#21 – I have reviewed the homework and I don’t see any problems like this one.

REMEMBER: You can re-take a test if you are disappointed in your score. You get 2 attempts at each test. The system will pull whichever grade is higher into the grade book. But remember you only need to submit one test critique even if you took the test twice. If you took the test twice, then you can pick which test you want to write the critique on.