concept map on a power point 1 –

This assignment has a total point value of 100 and is worth 15% of your Assignment grade.

Submit project on a PowerPoint. Students will present their patient on BB Collaborative

Select a client for whom you have provided care to complete your project. The client should have both primary and secondary diagnoses to qualify for the study. Present the client’s profile including all pertinent demographic data. Identify and prioritize 3 nursing diagnoses.

Describe the relationship among the primary and secondary diagnoses.

Identify the five stressors: physiological, psychological, socioeconomic, cultural and spiritual.

Construct a power point presentation to display all the medical diagnoses. This does not need to be an excessive PowerPoint, but you should be able to explain yourself well

Display all nursing diagnoses in boxes around the circle, using arrows to show relationship among the diagnoses. Be sure to include relevant data to support the relationship among the primary and secondary diagnoses. This should include assessment data, lab data, and pharmacological agents. Describe the pathophysiology of each diagnosis.

The map must be clear and concise.

The update of the assignment. This does not need to be a concept map. Please put all pertinent information on the assignment. As stated below. The presentation should show your professionalism and knowledge regarding the management of your patient.

Remember that the patient is an acute care patient. No risk for fall or Acute pain nursing diagnosis. Let the assessment, lab and diagnostic information guide your plan.