create a post examining these two well known data breaches in terms of the mccumber s cube model and the principles of information security –


Review the unit materials and readings on Information Security policy and principles. With these basic concepts in mind, conduct additional research on the Target and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) hacks. Create a post examining these two well known data breaches in terms of the McCumber’s Cube Model and the Principles of Information Security.

*Note: I know what happened in both of these cases, simply restating the facts (what) does not constitute an acceptable response. We study cases to understand the why.

As a minimum (85%), your posting should address the following:

An explanation of the McCumber’s Cube model and how the elements of this framework interact

A discussion the role that the McCumber’s Cube Framework plays in helping organizations form suitable policy

A discussion of how these cases illustrate a failure to implement the framework effectively

A discussion of the role management plays in information security as demonstrated by the Principles of Information Security *

Identify Principles of Information Security that seemed to be ignored (this may be a couple, many, or all)

Supporting citations in APA format

* The change isn’t based on volume of technology usage. Think about what’s happened to organizations in terms of the criticality of data and systems.

Additional points will be assigned for inclusion of additional materials and/or analysis specifically by expanding your discussion with one or both of the following:

bringing quality outside materials into the discussion

inclusion of industry examples illustrating the differences (with citations)

substantiated discussion of a failure to modernize perspectives on security focus (with citations)