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For your Discussion post this week, you will be able to pick a topic that pertains to adult criminal court that is consistent with your career goals, experience, and/or interests. Consider whether you will be working as a forensic researcher or understanding forensic psychology from a clinical perspective.To prepare for this Discussion:·  Review the Learning Resources for this week. Select one of the following topics that pertains to adult criminal court:·o  1. Victim’s rightso  2. Competency to stand trialo  3. Criminal responsibilityo  4. Estimating violence risko  5. Criminal characteristics such as personality or thinking styleo·  Find at least one scholarly reading from a peer-reviewed source not included in the Learning Resources about the topic you have selected that pertains to the role of forensic psychology professional in the criminal system.NEEDS TO BE 2-4 PARAGRAPHS·  Give a 1- to 2-sentence summary of your peer-reviewed source(s).·  Based on the information in your peer-reviewed article, describe some of the roles and responsibilities of the forensic psychology professional in the area that you selected.··  How can knowledge of your chosen topic and the role of the forensic psychology professional be applied to Walden University’s social change mission?··  Support your response with evidence.

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