critical analysis exercises 9 –

Critical Analysis Exercises(the first 2 @ 7.5% each; the third one is 15%): You areresponsible for submitting threeindividualcritical analyses of a problem or opportunity described in an article or case listed in the syllabus(also on CANVAS). Critical analyses must be a maximumof three pages long; only the first three pages will beread and evaluated. You must first identify aproblem or opportunity and discuss a viable,themedintegratedoperations(how do you DOthis?) solution based on your analysis of the firm’s circumstances. The general structure of papers involves a well-reasoned emphasisinvolving the followingelements. Depending on yourtheme, your emphasis may shift among them.1.Conciselydescribe the case-specificbusiness situation, including the relevant macro-environmental, landscape and micro-environmental conditions facing the organization.2.Develop yourproblem/theme statement: State the opportunity orthreat facing the organization. This theme statement goes in paragraph #1 or #2 asa clear, concise phrase.3.If, and only if,realistic alternative approachesexist, present each alternative in sufficient detail to give the reader an idea of why it may be beneficial as opposed to another course. Do not discuss meaningless or unrealistic alternatives: doing that hurtsyour grade a lot.4.Explainyour specific, well-integrated reasons for any recommendedactions. This shouldinclude relevantvalue enhancing information (financials;profit-loss; brand value, etc.).Useful data, methods and/orexpert opinion, well assessed, are expected.5.Since this is an integrative applicationscourse, your paper’s focus is always on: 1) specifically how will you dothis and2) how does your recommended actionaffect various important operationalareas of the business’ performance(in other words, integrate the implications of your actions across variousbusiness operations areaslike finance, marketing, risk, etc.).You are strongly encouragedto do external researchon the industry and company for your paper. Don’t expect above a “C” for papers that use only the case itself without external, professional quality researchto add further value.In-text source citations that include author, year and page (if possible) and a comprehensive bibliography arerequired. Example: (Smith