defend or refute one of the following statements under 750 words –

Choose ONE of these topics, if you see it as your strength.

Defend or Refute ONE of the following statements:

  1. The Industrial Revolution’s primary effect was the economic boom and general increase of wealth created by the automation of labor.
  2. The primary motivation for European powers (and others) to engage in imperialism in the 19th century was nationalistic pride.
  3. World War I, despite causing fewer casualties, was more impactful to the course of human history than was World War II.
  4. The Cold War was a purely ideological battle between Capitalists and Communists.

Under 750 words!!!

You are allowed to use any resources as you construct your answer, including the textbook, lecture videos, discussion board posts, DBQs. DO NOT using websites.

The format is the: defend or refute. Use the “Defend or Refute Guide.pdf” document for assistance in constructing your essay and your thesis statement. (This is the structure, or the format of my paper).