develop a paragraph sized paper you have written previously into a longer one –

Directions: For this assignment, you’ll need to note examples of essays in REVEL. By those examples, you are to develop (think: recycle) a paragraph sized paper or list of detail sentences you have written previously into a longer one, an essay; transform a shorter work. Most simply, you’ll write a longer paper on the same topic.

Please do not write Schedule/ So Busy essays, thank you.

Length: Your goal is to produce an essay that has an introductory paragraph of three to five sentences and a correctly located thesis statement; three body paragraphs of seven to nine sentences, each containing a topic sentence, plenty of concrete details, and a concluding paragraph of three to five sentences that summarizes your essay and reinforces its message. Overall, however, the sentence count is less important than producing an essay that is sufficiently focused, developed, organized, and polished to successfully show, explain, and prove your main point. about 600 words total?


Prewriting, Planning, and Drafting

Return to your detail words to further “flesh-out” your topics

Good practice is to use an outline to check how well you planned your paper initially. If you notice that any of your material goes off topic, do not include it on the outline.

Polishing: After you have typed your essay, go back and

Revise: Reconsider focus, development, and clear reading and sentence variety (no sentences starting with pronouns)

Edit: Concentrate on fixing any mistakes in sentence structure, word choice, grammar. punctuation, or spelling

Polish: Read your paper one more time to double-check not only your previous revising and editing, but also your formatting of the paper.

Submit by Browse and Attach method

Grading: This assignment is worth 100 points toward your final grade.

Do not use the words, YOU or YOUR

Here’s my previous essay

A job or profession you would consider ideal for you

Helping and serving others has always been my passion. I believe that joining the medical field would be the perfect job for me. When I was seven years old, my cousin Sandra had a terrible accident. Arrived at the hospital, the doctors suggested that she get surgery right away. Although she made it to the hospital on time, the doctor in charge insisted that she paid the money so they can start with the process. At the time, she did not have the money with her, so they called her parents, and they managed to get the money. In less than 20 minutes, all the family members were at the hospital, and the worst thing was that the hospital did not have any available surgeon, so they had to call a surgeon from another hospital. By the time the surgeon arrived at the hospital, it was already too late. She died not only because the doctors saw the money first but also; they did not have enough doctors in the hospital. Since then, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming someone who will help save lives because it hurts to watch someone suffers and not be able to help. For someone who grew up in a country where doctors, nurses are needed and who has also watched poor and needy people died because they could not afford medicine. To become a doctor is not an easy path, but I will always think about how I will help save lives daily though the job. I must help people whether they have the money or not. In short, I have plans to improve and serve the people, and I will make a difference by showing that money will not be my main aim. Setting clinics and even hospitals for poor people will be my main focus.