develop a plan 2 –


Develop an export plan or import plan. You can choose any product or service for your plan. You can choose to import or export your product or service from/to any country. Ensure that all required documents are taken into account when developing your plan.

( Please ensure you refer to the chapters in the module readings when developing your plan. For e.g. Chs 9, 6 , etc. of the book International logistics: The management of international trade operations, Pierre A. David, 5th edition, Berea, OH : Cicero Books LLC, 2018.

You can also refer to the readings from the book, Mastering Import And Export Management, Cook and Raia, 3rd edition, New York, NY: AMACOM, 2017 ).

Please apply as many concepts and terms from the readings into your plan.

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Submission Instructions:

Complete your task on a word document – no maximum or minimum page requirements