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Go to http://www.texasinvasives.org/ and select one invasive species and provide the following information:

1)What is the common name and the scientific name of your species?Also, describe your species to the class.

2)Where is it originally from, and where has it spread to now?

3)When and how was it first introduced to the United States?

4)What kind of environmental damage does the species cause?In other words, what native species does it most impact?

Create a title for your posting that accurately describes the content of the posting. Your initial post is due by Friday Apr 24 at 11:59PM.

Provide feedback to at least two posts made by other members of this course. The following rubric is associated with this discussion activity. Replies are due by Sunday Apr 26 at 11:59PM.

In discussions, we do NOT always have to agree, but we DO always have to disagree in an appropriate and respectful manner. Stay in topic during the discussions, and remember opinions need to be supported by facts.


Initial post and replies were posted during the assignment period.

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Invasive Species Discussion

Included all the information listed in the instructions.

Included the information of 3 of the questions listed in the instructions

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Provides in-depth replies to two or more classmates.

Adequately replies to one or more classmates.

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