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After considering the information and material presented in the latter chapters (Parole and Reentry), it should be clear that reentry for former prisoners is a major problem in the United States. Each year hundreds of thousands of individuals enter our communities on parole and/or as ex-felons, and they face significant hurdles to “make it” on the outside. Recidivism numbers suggests most will fail within 3 years of release, and related, contribute to the victimization (thousands) per year.

It is nearing the end of this course and you are now a correctional expert. As such, what are five specific tactics/policies/programs you would advocate to help parolees and current prisoners “make it” on the outside? Be thoughtful, reasoned, and specific. In short, what do you think we should be doing to make the reentry experience more successful?

*Remember this paper must be 300 words and You must also properly cite information (in APA format) and include a reference list.