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Locate the most recent balance sheet of a publicly-traded corporation in your pathway. You can find the balance sheet within the annual report (10-K). Answer the following questions:

  1. What is the name of your company and your pathway?
  2. What were the total current assets this year and last year for the company you chose?
  3. What were the total current liabilities this year and last year for the company you chose?
  4. Calculate the Current Ratio for this year and last year for the company you chose.
  5. Analyze your company’s current ratio (is it good/bad; how does it compare to the prior year, etc.)
  6. Include a link to the URL for your company’s annual report.

Your initial post must answer all the questions and be at least 3 paragraphs long. You must reply to two of your classmates. In your replies to your classmates, compare your company’s Current Ratio to their company’s Current Ratio. Which one suggests a healthier company? Which company has the better ratio and why. What are some factors you believe affect the ratio? Your replies must be at least 5 sentences long each, detailed, and thorough.

Examples of sectors/industries in pathways could be:

  • AHCD: Media, Dance, Theater, Film production, Graphics design or Architecture
  • Business: Tourism/Leisure, Telecommunications, Retailers, Computers, Equipment, Food and Beverage Products, Real Estate, Technology Hardware, Toys, Commercial Services, Financial Services, any business is acceptable
  • Education: Non-Profit Services, Public Agency, Child care, Charter schools, Universities
  • Health Sciences: Health Care Services, Healthcare Products, Hospital, Household Products, Chemicals
  • IMCT: Aviation, Construction, Construction Materials, Logistics, Automotive, Mining
  • Public Safety: Equipment providers for the industry, Public Agency, Non-Profit Services
  • STEM: Engineering, Computers. Chemicals, Energy, Energy Utilities, Technology Hardware
  • SGSHS: Healthcare Services, Non-Profit Services, Media, Public Agency

Your initial post is due four (4) days prior to the discussion due date or points will be deducted from your discussion score.