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1. Chose one of the following articles/cases to read and post your thoughts on one of these issues and respond to the postings of at least two of your fellow students.

2. Reply to at least two of your classmates using the discussion grading criteria ( updating later )


This assignment is worth 25 points toward your course grade. You will receive full credit for posting your introduction as directed. Please see the grading rubric below.

Grading Criteria


Discussion Forum Response

  • Addressed all requirements/answered all questions.
  • Wrote substantive postings of 1 or 2 paragraphs (6 – 8 sentences) for each.

10 points

Use of Terms and Ideas Learned

  • Used terms from chapter correctly where appropriate.
  • Used ideas from chapter correctly (with citation) to clarify, explain, or support an argument.

5 points

Contribution to Discussion

  • Replied in thoughtful, meaningful, and helpful ways.
  • Advanced the discussion whenever possible.

5 points

Response to posting of other students

  • Responses to posting of two students

5 points