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Scope- the most important factor.

I believe scope is the most important of the triple constraints. Neither time nor cost can be determined without first having a scope of work. As mentioned in a blog from Team Clarizen, a cloud based collaborative work management firm, “Projects can’t begin until the scope is known” and scope “forms the basis for every decision a project manager will make on a job.” (Clarizen, 2017)

To ensure proper execution of the new hiring system at MTC, I would be sure to create a “Project Scope Statement”. According to Burek, a Project Scope Statement provides the documented basis for making all project decisions, directs the project effort, and communicates the project scope to management and other stakeholders. (Burek, 2006) Additionally, according to Burek, “Projects that do not have a project scope statement are plagued with scope creep issues”…since without it, project boundaries are not defined. (Burek, 2006)

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