do powerpoint presentations about the topic cold weather safety driving on ice 1 –

Do PowerPoint presentations about :Cold Weather Safety /driving on ice

4 to 5 minutes video and do 10 slides or more.

This is a demanding project. You are required to use at least 3 sources. You must use the National Safety Council, your textbook (and your instructor if there is nothing in the book pertinent to your assigned topic) and one source of your choosing. The source(s) must be reputable and pertain to your topic. If you choose to show a video, it must be appropriate for an industrial meeting. No colorful language will be accepted. This is to be a professional meeting. While having fun is ok, please consider the content of your slides, questions and speech when presenting.


You are a safety engineer at a local company. You have been assigned the task of training new employees. You must research, create, and present the safety meeting. You will then test the employees to make sure they understand the importance of what you taught them. Your safety meeting should be no more than 20 minutes long. (Please refer to the rubric for details)

The required components of this assignment are:

1. PowerPoint presentation (approximately 15 minutes)

2. Printed copies of your slides (no less than 3 to a page)

3. Typed outline of your notes

4. Bibliography listing all of your sources—you can include on last slide of presentation

5. Written professional quiz for the other students

6. Answer sheet for quiz

7. Appropriate attire