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A3. Report – Social Media Policy

20 points (4+ pages plus References)

Congrats – you landed a job and your professional experience is unfolding well. Now, your boss has approached you with a two-fold problem – what to do company about social media postings and how to handle employee social media postings.

Since you are an expert in your discourse community regarding communication, your boss wants you to craft suggestions for two separate social media policies – one for the organization and one for employees.

Report on your findings in a 4-page paper. Include in-text citations and a full reference list at the end of your paper in APA style.

Formatting: Double spaced, 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins

Your Task:

  1. Select an organization within your current or aspirational professional discourse community.
  2. Research social media policies for other organizations that you can draw from when creating your own policy. Reference your research within your policies to support your
  3. Create a detailed social media policy for your organization using the following questions as a guide:
    1. Who has the ability to post on behalf of the company?
    2. How often should they post or share?
    3. What types of content should be shared?
    4. What kind of language is acceptable?
  4. Create a second policy focused on employee use of personal social media accounts using the following questions as a guide:
    1. Are they encouraged to list your organization as their employer?
    2. What are they allowed to post or share in terms of photos and content?
    3. Can they “like” or “check in” at organizational events?
    4. What consequences are there if an employee violates the policy?