edu 100 week 5 discussion 1 1 –

As educators, the guidelines or sets of strategies on which the approaches to teaching are based are called Instructional Models. After reviewing the “Evidence-based models of teaching” document, in two or three sentences, summarize each of the following instructional models:

  • The Direct Instruction model – Pg. 148-149
  • Cooperative Learning model – Pg. 154
  • PBL model – Pg. 156 – 158
  • Inquiry-Based model – Pg. 159-160

Please use the Guidelines for Summarizing Sources (Links to an external site.) page from the Ashford Writing Center to help in your summarizing task.

Part 2

After summarizing the instructional models in Discussion One, justify which is most appealing to you and why. Be sure to include how the model engages students and how it matches your personal tendencies (hint: Pg. 166-167 of the “Evidence-based models of teaching” document has a quick overview of all of the four models above).