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Assignment 1:

Please upload your essay #3 final draft here. Before you do so, please review your prompt and your rubric to make sure you’ve included the requirements, be sure to include an MLA Works Cited page, and do a final spellcheck/proofread.

Your main task for this essay is:

  1. Choose one motif or genre from our list to focus on
  2. Expand your knowledge on that motif/genre with scholarly research using your library databases
  3. Use your research on that motif/genre to answer the following question: What does your chosen motif/genre tell us about Machado’s story?

Requirements: To receive a passing grade, your paper must be at least 1,500 words long, be original work, follow MLA formatting, and focus explicitly on at least one of Machado’s chapter titles (genres) or footnotes (motifs).

***Most important elements**: If you do these, you’re looking at an 80 or above!

  1. Stay text-focused and do close reading: even though this is memoir, and a true story, you should still focus on how the text is communicating its message (the literary elements), not Machado the writer herself
  2. Analysis (“so what?”) over summary
  3. Clear connections throughout between specific elements of your chosen motif/genre and Machado’s story
  4. Integration of outside resources to support your argument, including specific quotes from both Machado’s book and your outside resources

Please let me know if you have any questions! I’m still here to help in any way I can. Text/call ‪(650) 539-8681‬, or send me an email.



These questions are also critical, thoughtful questions, but this time go deeper. All 3 of your new questions must touch specifically on something that came up in the Q and A your group did in Round 1, and at least 2 of those 3 must mention a classmate by name, so make sure you are reading all those beautiful answer posts in the second forum from last week. You can’t make your round 2 questions without that!


Many of us mentioned being confused by Arthur’s motives. Is it more clear now why he did what he did?”

“Jessica mentioned falling in love with the language of this book. Find a very beautiful line from the last chapter and explain why you connect to it.”

“Both Juan and I asked about a theme of war being an unending part of human existence. Do you think our current world supports that theme? Is it true we will always have war?”

  1. Post by 4/23, 7pm5pm, 25 points. Please put the title of your book in the subject line.
  2. As before, you will make a document composed of cut/paste versions of all your group mates’ questions, and then answer them, and then cut/paste that whole document into a forum post (the 2nd forum for week)
  3. Please read your group’s Qs and make notes, collecting answers as you go. It will take you longer to do this round, so plan accordingly!