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For our last graded assignment, you will write about how the skills you have honed in this class will help you in achieving your career goals. You can approach the assignment in one of two ways.

  1. Discuss how the skills of writing, researching, presenting, working in teams, and using technological tools help you in your current role in the workplace. Which of these skills do you find most important right now? Which skills do you think will be important to you in helping you achieve future goals?


  1. Look up an occupation you are interested in pursuing after you graduate from DeVry. To find information on occupations, you can visit the Occupational Outlook Handbook at https://www.bls.gov/ooh/ (Links to an external site.). Search for a career you are interested in, such as software developer. Then, click on the “What They Do” tab. Compare the duties of that occupation to what you learned in this class. Which skills that you learned in this class will be most useful to you in your chosen career?

The Career Connection Analysis assignment is worth 100 points.

Assignment Requirements

  • Length: Approximately 500 words
  • No need for a title page or references but do give credit for any information derived from the Occupational Outlook Handbook.
  • The assignment should be typed and submitted as a Microsoft Word document with 12-point font and double-spacing.