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Research Paper Requirements:

SUBJECT OF INTEREST: What causes personal relationships to succeed or fail ?

5 to 7 pages (1300-1700 words)

MLA Format with Works Cited Page

  • Create an argumentative essay that represents the subject of interest approved via your issue proposal. Voice should be written in third person – this means no reference to “I”,”we”, or “you”. Your audience will consist of your class members, and therefore, your argument must be informative and interesting to them. Please utilize your previous assignments such as the Issue Proposal, and Annotated Bibliography to finalize your arguments/ideas addressed in the research paper.
  • You must use at least 5 outside sources, with a minimum of 3 found via the LSC Library. Preferably, all sources should come from the LSC Library. You must also have a Works Cited page, and the entire paper must be adequately and appropriately documented in MLA style.
  • This assignment utilizes the writing process you initially learned in English 1301, and have continued to address in English 1302.