erikson life review 1 –

Please follow the rubric points (below) in completing your paper. In addition to these points remember that Erikson’s theory sees the resolution of life crises as integral to our personality development. How well we achieve crisis resolution at each stage will affect how we meet and accomplish crises in future stages. Also, although Erikson’s theory states that each life stage has a particular crisis that is addressed at that particular time in our lives, this isn’t to say that an issue of trust, for example, can’t be dealt with again at a later stage of life. However, how we emerge from our first few years of life regarding a sense of trust will inform how we handle and meet future crises that may involve an element of trust (example: trust in an intimate relationship). These are the threads that you want to keep going throughout the paper.

I am attaching the file that has all the details and the the Rubric for the papers