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Exam Research Topics [2-hour paper, answer any 3 from 5 Qs]

1. Fintech: identify 2 startups/challengers you believe will succeed and strongly justify. Review and evaluate Fintech strategies of GAFA [Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon].

2. Evaluate current position and future prospects of the Global Economy, especially USA and China. Requires very current research – FT, Economist, WEF, World Bank, IMF, EY [and all major consulting firms]. Refer to Moodle slides from our recent guest presenter.

3. Compare and contrast Efficient Markets Hypothesis with Behavioural Finance. Pros and cons of each. What do we learn about them from the Global Financial Crisis?

[2nd part to question]: What role did Derivatives Markets play in contributing to the Global Financial Crisis?

4. What is wrong with the Euro? Why was it created despite known imperfections?

What solutions are available? I will record a lecture on Panopto using the Euro slides on Moodle. See Euro section on Moodle. View video “The great Euro crash” on See reading list for titles held by the Library.

5. What shortcomings in Corporate Governance were highlighted by the Crisis? Evaluate the new regulations put in place since. See relevant section on Moodle, then branch your research out from there. View video on Lehmans [“the bank that bust the world”], and on RBS [“the bank that ran out of money”]. Books on each are in the Library [“A colossal failure of common sense”, “Making it Happen”]. Widen your research from there.