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  1. Give an overview of correlates to physical activity and an explanation of three correlates to physical activity.
  2. Discuss HOW and WHY the environment and public policies/practices can affect exercise behavior. Include in your response explain why environmental factors can be such a major correlate to physical activity?
  3. Give an overview and explanation of two behavior intervention settings and how well they work at changing exercise behavior.
  4. Give an overview of the research on exercise and treatment of pain. Based on the research presented, how well does exercise treat chronic pain?
  5. Discuss perceived exertion in general. What does it actually mean and how it is measured in regards to exercise?
  • Design a virtual environment exercise program and present it as an intervention mode to increase exercise and physical activity behavior? Address the wide range of content from the course and highlight how that knowledge influenced your intervention (how was that topic addressed in your design?). Discuss some of the mediators for behavior management and potential limits to this type of intervention effectiveness? Consider settings where implementing your intervention might find success, and where it might fail (explore the ecological model for ideas).